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What is the cost? 
Fall = $65 for first child; $60 for each additional sibling.
      Spring = $65 for new players or players that did not play the previous fall season; $60 for returning players from the previous fall season and additional siblings

What all is included with with uniform?  

     Shorts, jersey, and socks.

What soccer equipment will we need to purchase for our child?  

      Shin guards, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

What size soccer ball does my child need?  
U6 -U8 = Size 3
      U9-U12 = Size 4
      U14 and up = Size 5

When are practices and games?  

      Practices are usually two days a week and are selected by each team's coach; games are usually on Saturdays.

When do practices start?  

      Practices begin about 1-2 weeks before the first scheduled game.  Your coach will call you with dates and times once team formations have been made.

How will I know what team my child is on?  

      Your coach will call you after team formations have been made.

How many players per team?  

 U6-U8 teams can have up to 8 players per roster and 4v4 on the field (no goalie)

U9-U10 teams can have up to 12 players per roster and 7V7 on the field including the goalie

U11-U12 teams can have up to 16 players per roster and 9v9 on the field including the goalie

U13-U14 teams can have up to 18 players per roster and 11vs11 on the field including the goalie

What happens if it rains on game days?  

      You will be playing in the rain; games will be called if there is lightning or severe weather.  If weather threatens, games may be suspended for up to 30 minutes until the weather passes, then the game may resume.

What can my kids wear in cold weather games?  

       They can wear long leggings or sweat pants UNDER their game shorts, long sleeve shirts or thermal shirts UNDER their game jerseys - no hoodies.  Hats and gloves are acceptable ONLY if they have NO clips/plastic or metal pieces on them and must be tight fitting.  This is subject to change as per the referee.

Will my child travel to away games? 

No, all games will be played in Madill at City Lake unless your child plays on a traveling rec. team.

What do the referees look for when they check-in the kids before the game?  

       No earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, hair clips that are metal.  Hair bands must be elastic.  Jerseys must be tucked in.  Socks must be worn over the shin guards - no part of the shin guard can be exposed.  Socks must be of the same color as the rest of the team.  Shorts must not have any pockets.  Cleats must not have a toe cleat.

Why do we have to provide a copy of a birth certificate for our child?  

       OSA regulations state that all soccer players show proof of age through a copy of their birth certificate.


Can I get a refund if my child decides not to play after a practice?

If uniforms have already been ordered, you will most likely not receive a refund.

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